Spotlight: EReader Editions

Neon is available in a variety of formats, including the eReader staples of EPUB and MOBI. The eReader edition of Neon looks a little different from the print or PDF, but still (I hope) retains the same general feel. I’ve posted a couple of screenshots from the MOBI version below.



When it came to formatting the eReader editions of the magazine, getting poetry to behave as it should was a particular challenge. The Kindle has a habit of adding indents where indents are not wanted, and finding a way to override this behaviour involved a lot of trial and error. I hope that the results are worth it.

If you have an eReader, the latest edition of the magazine is free to download in EPUB, PDF or MOBI formats. All downloads are DRM-free. The authors featured in the above screenshots are Cassandra de Alba and Jones Jones from issue #31, which can be found over here.