Spotlight: Nature Poetry

Crafty Green Poet

Juliet Wilson, who runs the blog Crafty Green Poet has been kind enough to review the latest issue of the magazine. You can read her thoughts right here on her blog. She picks out the elements of nature that are on display in various pieces including Jenny Gray’s “We Always Swam In Rivers”, Noel Sloboda’s “My Stepfather As A Porcupine” and Nicole Cloutier’s atmospheric short story “Coyote Runs”.

Juliet’s review inspired me to have a look through some past issues of the magazine and pick out some of the more nature-themed pieces Neon has published in recent times. I was surprised to find that there were actually quite a few. Here are some of my favourites:

“Somebody Tell The River” by Eliza Victoria – Issue #34

The Points Of The Kite” by Heidi James – Issue #34

“Drought” by Nancy Hightower- Issue #34

Two Seasons Of Crashing” by  Steve Subrizi – Issue #33

“The Elephant Recognizes Its Bones” by TA Seabrook – Issue #32

“Shore” by Alexandra Smyth – Issue #31

“Blackbird” by Dan Grace – Issue #31

“Open Heart Surgery 1968” by Michael Spring – Issue #30

“Teachings” by Alicia Hilton – Issue #30

“Lunar Caustic” by Sophie Mackintosh – Issue #30

Can you think of any other pieces that might belong on the list? If so, please leave a comment below. And if you’d like to review the latest issue of Neon, then have a look here.