Spotlight: Cover Images

Cover Image by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

I’m always on the lookout for cover images for new issues of Neon. It can be a difficult task to pick out a suitable piece of artwork. I look for something visually striking, but not too recognisable and with a hint of the strange or the surreal about it. As with all artwork in the magazine, covers are black and white, and feature photography rather than illustration or painting.

If you want to get an idea of what I look for in a cover image you can have a glance through the archives, or check out Neon‘s DeviantArt profile, where I collect the kind of artwork I’d really love to feature in the magazine. If you are a photographer yourself and have some work you’d like me to see feel free to send along a link to your online portfolio, or some low-res images by email.

The image above was the cover for issue #31, and remains one of my particular favourites. It was taken by the very talented Eleanor Leonne Bennett, whose website can be found here.