News: Seeking Chapbook Submissions

Image by Joseph Hart

Over the course of the next year or two I’d like to publish a small selection of chapbooks and pamphlets. Chapbooks will be up to forty pages in length, and similar in format to Neon. Pamphlets will be much shorter – perhaps only a few pages long – and will be given away for free with chapbooks and copies of the magazine.

I’m currently seeking proposals for projects in either format. There’s no deadline; I’ll keep reading until I find a decent crop of things to publish. Proposing a chapbook or pamphlet is free and very simple; just have a look at the guidelines page and fill in the form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the blog, or follow Neon on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to catch future updates, and to be informed when the first of these makes an appearance.