News: Reorganised Resources And Calendar


I’ve spent a little time over the weekend reorganising and trimming down the links section of this website. After some thought I decided to abandon the least-used link lists and focus on those that were accessed the most over the past year. Under the “Resources” tab you’ll now find links to a list of UK literary magazines, literary agencies, poetry publishers and other useful sites. The list of writing competitions and the list of writing events have been consolidated and turned into a calendar, and there are also links to all the guides and articles that have been published on this blog.

The new resources section is a lot more manageable and easy to keep up to date. You can help by dropping me an email if you can think of a UK-based deadline, magazine, agency or event that I haven’t already listed. And if you do find any of the resources useful, then please leave a comment to let me know, or share a link to it with your friends.