Alumni News: CL Bledsoe Publishes Fourth Novel “Man Of Clay”

Man Of Clay

CL Bledsoe first contributed to issue 12 of Neon, way back in 2007, with his excellent short short story “Rain“. His poetry also appeared in issue 20 of the magazine, and his two chapbooks ______(want/need) and Anthem were reviewed on the blog.

Since then he has continued to write and publish, and is now just about to release his fourth novel. Titled Man Of Clay, the book has been described by one reviewer as “Frankenstein set in William Faulkner’s south with a dash of Jules Verne – an eerie and enchanting book“. It is due to be released by Main Street Rag Publishing Company in November 2014, but can be pre-ordered from their bookshop right away. If you enjoyed his work in Neon, it should very definitely be worth a read.