Alumni News: Jones Jones Publishes Novel

Riot by Jones Jones

Salt Publishing has brought out the latest novel by Welsh author Jones Jones, whose work appeared in issue 31 of Neon. The book is called Riot, and is based very loosely on the London riots that happened several years ago. Here’s the blurb:

Riot is a raw, visceral rant by 18 year-old Mark Jones, a college student in a depressed area of Cardiff, South Wales. He’s hemmed in by apathy, sex and violence on all sides and despite his intelligence and humour, he’s sucked into small town life. Ultimately he escapes to Manchester, but something unexpected claws him back. It’s bleak, frightening and funny, all at once.

A launch party is planned at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, to celebrate the launch of both Riot and Jones’s novella Marg, which came out earlier this year (also from Salt Publishing). The launch will take place on February 12th 2015. Take a look at Jones’s website, or the home of Salt Publishing for more information as it become available. And don’t forget to read Jones’ stories in issue 31 of Neon.