News: 2016 Best Small Fictions Nominations

The cover of the "Best Small Fictions 2016" anthology.

Flash fiction is one of our favourite forms, and so it’s always a pleasure to see it recognised by the annual Best Small Fictions anthology. The anthology has, this year, been adopted by Braddock Avenue Books, and will be guest-edited by none other than Amy Hempel.

Neon‘s nominations for this year are:

“The Keepers” by Luke Silver

“B-R-E-A-K” by Thea Hawlin

“The November We Are Fifteen” by Lydia Armstrong

Best of luck to all the nominees! In previous years we’ve had Neon alumni Daniel Uncapher and Claire Joanne Huxham place as finalists and be featured in the anthology itself. We hope that this year one of the excellent stories above can do the same.