Alumni News: January 2015

Alumni news for January 2015.

It’s always a pleasure to hear about the successes and publications of writers who have appeared in the magazine. In the past I used to make an individual post for each item of news, but lately there’s been so much happening that I decided to put it all together into one big roundup. Here’s what some of our very talented authors and poets have been up to since their words appeared in Neon.

CJ Opperthauser (issues twenty-six and thirty-six) will be published in the next issue of Skydeer Helpking. Christopher Owen (issue thirty-seven) has had stories appear in Smoke and The Irish Literary Review, and is shortly to be published in Valve Literary Journal. Simon Collings (issue thirty-six) has had poems published in The Interpreter’s House, Ink, Sweat & Tears and on the Poetry School Blog, and will soon have work appearing in New Walk. Alina Rios (issue thirty-eight) has published poems in Camroc Press Review and Apex Magazine, and had a short story accepted by The Colored Lens. Matthew Di Paoli (issue thirty-nine) was published in Litro and had work accepted by Squalorly. His book Killstanbul will be published by El Balazo Books in March this year.

Frederick Pollack‘s (issue thirty-nine) collection of poetry A Poverty Of Words has been accepted by Prolific Press, and will be published in the next few months. Tracey Iceton (issue thirty-four and thirty-nine) has also had a book accepted for publication; her novel Green Dawn At St Enda’s will be published by Cinnamon Press in early 2016.

Shanalee Smith (issue thirty-seven) has been awarded an MFA in Poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Amy Schreibman Walter (issues twenty-six and thirty-six) was recently awarded the position of “Visiting Writer” at the American Academy of Rome, and will be travelling there in February 2015 to work on her latest chapbook. Her poem “Houdini’s Women” has also been nominated for inclusion in the Best Of The Net anthology.

Congratulations to everybody. I look forward to seeing what Neon‘s talented writers are going to achieve in 2015!