Interview: Ed Cottrell

We talk to Ed Cottrell (whose story appeared in issue forty-four) about parasites, horror, and how to pronounce the unpronounceable. The world is filled with interesting parasites. Did any in particular form part of your research or inspiration for “Catastrophe (Or Larva)”? There isn’t a […]

Interview: Eric Shattuck

We talk to Eric Shattuck (whose stories appeared in issue forty-four) about Presidents, freelancing, and the art of the short story. In your story “Signals Of Fear And Uncertainty” the narrator runs into the President Of The United States. When you wrote the story, were […]

Interview: Our 2017 Forward Prize Nominees

We spoke with our three Forward Prize nominees – Stephen Devereux, Lydia Armstrong and Frederick Pollack – about poetic forms, inspiration and editing. What makes for a strong poem, in your opinion? Stephen Devereux: I like poems that  are closely observed, that use original metaphors, […]

Interview: Mack W Mani

We talk to Mack W Mani (whose poems appeared in issue forty-two) about weird fiction, loneliness and the future. I loved the ideas behind your poems “Going Under”, “Heir” and “Belasis And Hastur”. From where did you get the inspiration for these pieces? “Going Under” […]

Interview: Gregory Cartwright

We talk to Gregory Cartwright (whose story appeared in issue forty-two) about sex, death and surreal endings. Sex and death are often said to be closely linked – but nowhere more so than in your story “With Blood”. Would you call it a horror story, […]

Interview: Kate Feld

We talk to Kate Feld – whose stories appeared in issue forty-one – about surrealism, nonfiction and getting the balance right when it comes to short stories. I loved the surreal ideas behind each of your short stories in issue forty-one. Is there often an […]

Interview: Daniel Uncapher

We talk to Daniel Uncapher (whose story “Infestation Miracles” appeared in issue forty-one of Neon) about miracles, science, and beetle burgers. What constitutes a miracle in your opinion? And what inspired the connection between infestations and miracles? The interesting thing about miracles is how much […]

Interview: Alec Hutchinson

We speak to Alec Hutchinson (whose story “Asynchronous Ferox” appeared in issue forty-one of Neon) about meat, inspiration, and cannibal horror films. Where does the title of your story “Asynchronous Ferox” come from? And what does it mean? I actually way over-thought that one. Ferox […]

Interview: Ruth Brandt

We speak to Ruth Brandt (whose story “Happy Ever After” appeared in issue forty of Neon) about fairytales, social media and the teaching of writing. I noticed that your story started and ended like a fairytale, but the wrong way around. The final line begins […]

Interview: Paul French

We talk to Paul French (whose hybrid fiction-poetry appeared in issue forty of Neon) about drugs, love, and science-fiction. Your hybrid pieces in issue forty of Neon tell the story of a drug that can induce feelings of love. But what is love? Is the […]