News: Issue Forty-Two Preview

I’ve spent today putting the finishing touches to the eBook editions of issue forty-two of Neon. If all goes to plan, the latest instalment of the magazine will launch at the end of this month, on February 29th. If you want to be one of […]

News: 2015 Best Small Fictions Nominations

Last year, Claire Joanne Huxham’s story “Correspondence” fromĀ  issue thirty-eight was selected for inclusion in the Queen’s Ferry Press anthology The Best Small Fictions. This year, I’ve nominated a selection of short works from the magazine once again. Here they all are. “Love Drug In […]

News: 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominations

As December approaches once again, I’ve looked back over the fiction and poetry that has appeared in Neon during 2015, and made six selections to be nominated for the annual Pushcart Prize. This prestigious award collects the best work published by small presses each year. […]

News: Issue Forty-One Preview

Issue forty-one of Neon is being printed as we speak, and should ready for the tentative launch date of Saturday 26th September. This also happens to be the day of the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair, where Neon Books will have a table. If you’re […]

News: “Quicksand” Available As A Single

Matthew Di Paoli’s short story “Quicksand” first appeared in issue thirty-nine of Neon. It’s a dark little tale about a man who finds himself stuck in a patch of quicksand while on his way to the butcher. As the story progresses he sinks deeper and […]

News: Battery Pack II Submission Notes

Whilst reading my way through a huge pile of microfiction submissions for the upcoming edition of Battery Pack, I noticed a few trends in the stories in my inbox. Although I wasn’t able to provide feedback to everyone who sent in work, I thought it […]

News: Battery Pack II Selection And Shortlist

After a great deal of reading, sifting, reading again, deliberating and agonising I’ve selected the final six stories that will make up the next edition of Battery Pack. Here, without further ado, they are: Colin Hill – “Making Love In The TV” Jennifer Albon Burns […]

News: “The Mesmerist’s Daughter” Wins Saboteur Award!

Much of yesterday was spent running a book stall at the 2015 Saboteur Awards. It was a delight to meet in person so many people who I’ve only ever corresponded with by email before, and to see people actually picking up and reading the magazine […]

News: “But Always Meeting Ourselves” Available As A Single

Over the last few years I’ve published a lot of excellent stories in the magazine. Many are so good that I’m keen to get them into the hands of as many readers as possible. To that end, I’ve decided to put together some single story […]

News: Neon Is Nine Years Old This Month!

This month, Neon turns nine. That’s right; the magazine has been publishing for nine straight years without a break. Forty issues, three chapbooks, numerous broadsides and pamphlets; over one-thousand-seven-hundred pages of poetry, prose, photography and textual experimentation. To celebrate Neon‘s birthday, I’ll be giving away […]