Review: “Recycled Glass” By Fred McGavran

Review: “Recycled Glass” By Fred McGavran

Publisher: Glass Lyre Press | Author: Fred McGavran | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Recycled Glass isn’t a bad title for Fred McGavran’s second short story collection. The eleven tales contained within are brightly-coloured and angular, and come in a variety […]

Review: “The Frequency Effect” by James Stark

Review: “The Frequency Effect” by James Stark

  Publisher: RedBlue Publishing | Author: James Stark | Buy: Website As eReaders become ubiquitous and virtual reality pops its high-resolution head over the horizon, immersive storytelling is starting to look as though it has potential. And, indeed, there are already a number of early […]

Review: “The Sea Wave” by Rolli

Review: “The Sea Wave” by Rolli

Author: Rolli | Publisher: Guernica Editions | Buy: Print / Digital | More: Goodreads Rolli’s novella-in-flash-fiction The Sea Wave begins with a curious dedication: “To anyone,” it reads, “who has ever drowned.” Odd, but eerily beautiful, I thought – and I was pleased to find […]

Review: “Killing Time At Lightspeed” by Gritfish

Developer: Gritfish | Buy: Original Game / Enhanced Edition | More: Steam Facebook can be addictive. You log on to answer one message, and three hours later you’re several pages deep in a clickbait news site, or else have been lurking for updates on the […]

Review: “Post High School Reality Quest” by Meg Eden

Publisher: California Coldblood Books | Author: Meg Eden | More: Goodreads Meg Eden’s first novel, Post-High School Reality Quest, (due to be published next year by California Coldblood books) explores the engagement of science-fiction with technology, and blurs the lines of reality through the touching […]

Review: “Houdini’s Wife And Other Poems” by Amy Schreibman Walter

Author: Amy Schreibman Walter | Publisher: Dancing Girl Press | Buy: Publisher | More: Harry Houdini Harry Houdini is, even now – ninety years after his death – something of a household name. The master escapologist became famous for, among other things, wriggling free from […]

Review: “Cradle” by Flying Cafe For Semianimals

Studio: Flying Cafe For Semianimals | Buy: Steam I have an opinion about Cradle and here it is: Cradle is the most disappointing game I’ve ever played in my life. It starts out well. Better than well: great! Better than great, in fact! Cradle‘s intro […]

Review: “Starstruck” By Rajeev Balasubramanyam

Author: Rajeev Balasubramanyam | Publisher: The Pigeonhole | Buy: The Pigeonhole | More: Goodreads Starstruck – a ten-part novel by Rajeev Balasubramanyam – is an unusual book, not least because of its format. Originally serialised via The Pigeonhole website and app over the course of ten […]

Review: F(r)iction Edited By Dani Hedlund

Editor: Dani Hedlund | Publisher: Tethered By Letters | More: Interview F(r)iction (the flagship title of writing organization and publisher Tethered By Letters) might well be among the most colourful and lavishly-illustrated literary magazines I’ve ever read. Even in the company of similarly bright-and-beautiful creations such […]

Review: “Snowpiercer” Directed By Bong Joon-Ho

Director: Bong Joon-Ho | Length: 126 Minutes | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Website The concept behind Bong Joon-ho’s 2014 film Snowpiercer requires more than a little explanation. It is the near future, and the world has frozen; an attempt to halt […]