Review: F(r)iction Edited By Dani Hedlund

Editor: Dani Hedlund | Publisher: Tethered By Letters | More: Interview F(r)iction (the flagship title of writing organization and publisher Tethered By Letters) might well be among the most colourful and lavishly-illustrated literary magazines I’ve ever read. Even in the company of similarly bright-and-beautiful creations such […]

Review: “Snowpiercer” Directed By Bong Joon-Ho

Director: Bong Joon-Ho | Length: 126 Minutes | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Website The concept behind Bong Joon-ho’s 2014 film Snowpiercer requires more than a little explanation. It is the near future, and the world has frozen; an attempt to halt […]

Review: “Age Of Blight” by Kristine Ong Muslim

Author: Kristine Ong Muslim | Publisher: The Unnamed Press | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads It’s hard to say exactly why the illustrations in Kristine Ong Muslim’s recent short story collection Age Of Blight (published by The Unnamed Press) evoke such […]

Review: “Videogames For Humans” Edited By Merritt Kopas

Editor: Merritt Kopas | Publisher: Instar Books | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Get Twine Before we can really dig into the intriguingly-titled anthology Videogames For Humans (edited by Merritt Kopas), we must first understand a few things about Twine. This is […]

Review: “Heart Of The Original” by Steve Aylett

Author: Steve Aylett | Publisher: Unbound | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Steve Aylett promises a lot in the video introduction to his most recent book Heart Of The Original. In its pages, we’re told, we’ll “discover why the same idea […]

Review: “Limbo” By Arnt Jensen

Author: Arnt Jensen | Publisher: Playdead | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Steam Limbo. The word, in its original Latin, means “edge” or “boundary” and refers to the edge of hell: a place where the not-quite-damned are sent to languish – a […]

Review: “I Am Currently Working On A Novel” by Rolli

Publisher: Tightrope Books | Author: Rolli | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Apart from anything else I was quickly hooked by the title of Rolli’s recent collection of short fiction I Am Currently Working On A Novel. The self-consciousness of it […]

Review: “Alcedo” by Jeffrey Donoghue

Publisher: Austin Macauley | Author: Jeffrey Donoghue | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads The “about the author” paragraph that opens Alcedo – the recent collection of poems by Jeffrey Donoghue – filled me with a sense of foreboding. It speaks of […]

Review: “Shadowboxing” by Tony Birch

Publisher: Scribe | Author: Tony Birch | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Shadowboxing is a riveting, vivid and very immediate collection of short stories. There are just ten in total, all of around an even length. The stories follow the development […]

Review: “Pieces Of Us” by Sally Flint

Publisher: Worple Press | Author: Sally Flint | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Sally Flint is a prime example of what, in today’s world, constitutes a poet. Her debut collection, Pieces Of Us, contains a number of poems that have featured […]