Alumni News

Alumni News: March 2016

It’s been over a year since I last caught up with past contributors to the magazine. In that time many of them have been busy publishing books, collections, stories and poems – sometimes in magazines, and sometimes on the walls of buses and trains! Quite […]

Alumni News: January 2015

It’s always a pleasure to hear about the successes and publications of writers who have appeared in the magazine. In the past I used to make an individual post for each item of news, but lately there’s been so much happening that I decided to […]

Alumni News: Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal, whose work appeared in issue #29, last year performed a very successful children’s poetry show titled “We All Love Llamas!” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year he’ll be performing again, running a free show called “Joshua Seigal Presents the Legend of Ooshus […]

Alumni News: Gregory Heath

Gregory Heath’s poetry was featured in issue #31 of Neon. You can read his fantastic poem “It Is Not True” online, and download the issue for free to read the rest of his work. More recently, Gregory has published his second novel Thoughts Of Maria […]

Alumni News: Heidi James

Heidi James, whose poetry appears in the current issue, has written (and will perform) the libretto for The Sea Cabinet, due to be performed at London-based venue Wilton’s Music Hall. You can read more about the project (which is described as “an extraordinary blend of […]

Alumni News: Bob Thurber

Back in 2010, Bob Thurber’s prose piece “Calling Home From A Phone Booth Outside A Pub In North Dublin” appeared in Issue #23.You can download and read the entire issue as a PDF here. Since then Bob has been busy publishing his first novel, “Paperboy“, […]