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The Apocalypse Primer: Novels

The Apocalypse Primer: Novels

The apocalypse has long been fertile ground for the literary imagination. There’s something irresistably fascinating, it seems, in the idea of total destruction – whether that be by means of war, plague, natural disaster, or something more odd and unpredictable. Now more than ever, a […]

Literary Lists: Five Excellent Graphic Short Stories To Read This Month

A graphic short story can be a hard thing to quantify – it lingers somewhere between a comic strip and a graphic novel. They’re usually short enough to read in a single sitting, but often longer than just a couple of pages. Many also deal […]

Literary Lists: Four Glasgow-Based Artists To Discover This Month

A short list of art and poetry grouped by a common link: the city of Glasgow. The intention behind this list is simply to bring attention towards a few individuals who have given the largest city in Scotland another facet to its character. The entries […]

Literary Lists: Five Short Stories To Read This Month

In the last few years the internet has seen an explosion in the popularity of short form works: fiction, poetry, short films, podcasts and comics are all on the rise. No longer are creators limited by the need to physically package their work. To someone […]