Literary Lists: Four Glasgow-Based Artists To Discover This Month

A short list of art and poetry grouped by a common link: the city of Glasgow. The intention behind this list is simply to bring attention towards a few individuals who have given the largest city in Scotland another facet to its character. The entries are not ranked, the order is arbitrary and there is no explicit theme that connects these pieces other than an association with an industrial city in Scotland.

Calum Macgillivray

"Clutches" by Calum MacGillivray (

An artist and illustrator based in Glasgow, Macgillivray creates pagan totems and symbols you might find in the gut of some abandoned forest. Using ink blotching, watercolours, wood and paper, he toys with texture, negative space, silhouette and shadow play under themes such as waste, decay and death.

Clare Marcie

Marcie is a New Zealander, currently residing in Glasgow. She has been involved in the Refugee Festival Scotland, the Glasgow-based feminist collective TYCI and the Federation of Scottish Theatre. The subject of her writing appears to vary with the only immediately apparent rule being that it can’t be ineffectual. For one of her recent works, see the online magazine Hot Tub Astronaut, where you can read her poem “Lover///Hater (binary faker)”.

Jennifer Argo

"Chaos And Order" by Jennifer Argo (

Currently based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Argo is a multi-skilled artist from the North-East of Scotland. Pointedly geometric illustrations and monochrome collages are her trademark. Simultaneously alien and recognizable, her intricate illustrations of patterns and sequences that can be found in geology and geography are aesthetically impressive.

Liam Dunn

"67" by Liam Dunn (

Dunn frequents the Glasgow art circuit with abstract installations; tableaux of broken and redefined human figures that create a thicket of mercurial confusion.


Finn G Cargill is a writer from Suffolk, currently based in London. He started writing poetry four years ago whilst living and studying at the University of Glasgow. He is currently gravitating toward art, photography and mixed media. His work has been published online and in print, and he is working towards his first full collection of poetry in the next few months called Black Dog Waltz. Find out more at