News: 2015 Forward Prize For Best Single Poem Nominations

Forward Prizes 2015

Every year I nominate some poems from Neon for the prestigious Forward Prize For Best Single Poem. This award, administrated by the Forward Arts Foundation, seeks to reward the author of the best individual poem published in a magazine, newspaper or journal in the previous twelve months. It comes with a top prize of £1000. Best of luck to the four nominees, listed below.

“He Asks Me To Call Him” – Laura McKee

“God And Me” – Kate Wisel

“Good In A Room” – Frederick Pollack

“Poem In Which You Unfriend The Dead Girl” – Sam Preminger

You can either read these poems for free in a previous issue of the magazine, or pre-order a copy of the upcoming issue in which they appear. Now’s an excellent time to place a pre-order, as issue forty is due to be published in just over one week’s time!