News: Call For Graphic Short Story Submissions

Image by David Ritter

I’m currently reading for issue 40 of Neon, and have received a scattering of graphic short story and comic submissions. None have been quite what I’m looking for yet, but I’d really love to feature a graphic short or extract from a graphic novel in a future issue of the magazine. To that end, here’s a bit more information about what I’m seeking.

Graphic submissions should be black and white, or should remain readable and reasonable-looking when converted into black and white. They should also be able to fit comfortably onto an A5 page, as that’s how they will be presented in the magazine. They can be up to twenty pages in length, but shorter is better. In terms of tone, feel, setting, etc – the best thing to do is read the magazine and see if you think your work would fit.

If you have something, then take a look at the Guidelines page for some general information before sending your work along to Low resolution attachments are good in the first instance, and I’m also happy to look at weblinks. Please do include a cover letter. I look forward to reading your creations!