News: Issue #38 Preview And New Format

Issue 38 Preview

For the past month I’ve been hard at work putting together issue 38 of Neon. This edition begins with a world in which everyone has been swallowed by whales, and ends with a recurring nightmare story about a kitten. In between there are desert islands, floods and plagues, flings and wounds and Facebook, the possibility of cannibalism, and a series of lesser-known wars. The lineup for issue 38 includes Steve Subrizi, Peter Branson, Ian Mullins, Holly Day, Claire Joanne Huxham, Jonathan Greenhause, Mark Vanner, Alina Rios, Sam Preminger, and Huang Kaishan. As well as the usual selection of fiction and poetry, there is also an extract from Karen Heuler’s recent novel Glorious Plague.

This edition of the magazine is particularly special, as I’m moving to a new format. Not only will issues be almost thirty pages longer than before, but they will now be perfect bound rather than stapled. Neon will move from being a quarterly magazine to one that is published three times a year – don’t worry though, all subscribers will still receive the full number of issues they’ve paid for. And overall I’ll be publishing more writing than ever – putting out a total of approximately two-hundred-and-ten pages per year, rather than one-hundred-and-twenty.

There will be a slight increase in price per issue, but with the new schedule the price for a subscription will rise by only £1. Individual issues will now cost £4 each. I hope you agree that the slicker format and increased length of each issue makes it worth the extra £1.50. For the time being though, you can still pre-order issue 38 at the current price  of just £2.50. You can also subscribe now for the current price of just £10 plus postage and still receive four issues. This offer will be open until issue 38 is published, at which point the price increase will come into effect. Just visit the shop to make an order!