News: Issue Forty-Three Preview

A little preview of issue forty-three.

Issue forty-three is due back from the printer any day now, and I’ve set the release date for Thursday 4th August. That gives you just under a month to pre-order a copy or sign up for a subscription and receive Neon for an entire year.

This issue of Neon has everything, from a graphic short story about the Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia to an investigation into the post-literary lives of various fictional characters. There’s also a story about a massacre on an asteroid, and some fantastic poetry and hybrid fiction from a selection of writers, poets and artists.

Our featured creators in this edition are Juliet Kinder, Lucas Shepherd, Thea Hawlin, Lynn Hoffman, Stephen Devereux, Karina Evans, Kelly Muskat, Lydia Armstrong, Faye Moorhouse, Robert N Lee, and Toby Penney. The cover image is by the award-winning young photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett.

Head to the Purchase / Subscribe page to sign up or pre-order your copy of issue forty-three, or sign up to the mailing list below to be reminded on August 4th when it’s available to order.