News: “Quicksand” Available As A Single

"Quicksand" by Matthew Di Paoli

Matthew Di Paoli’s short story “Quicksand” first appeared in issue thirty-nine of Neon. It’s a dark little tale about a man who finds himself stuck in a patch of quicksand while on his way to the butcher. As the story progresses he sinks deeper and deeper, while the world around him continues apace – not even a visit from his parents or a new prospective love interest can save him from sinking. “Quicksand” was one of Neon‘s 2014 Pushcart Prize nominations.

You can read “Quicksand” online here, or download a copy of the issue in which it appears. It’s now also available as a single for you to download, share, save, or transfer to an eReader. Here it is in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. You can also download it on the issue homepage, or search for it on Smashwords and Amazon.

If you’ve enjoyed reading the story, now is an excellent time to share it with someone else. This digital pamphlet is entirely free, and available in a wide range of formats. Follow Neon on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to find out about future singles!