News: Submissions Summary (2012)

Mostly out of curiosity I’ve added up the number of submissions received last year. Totals are below, as well as a few mildly interesting notes. You can check out the summary for 2011 here. Broadly speaking, things have carried on as before.

Total Number Of Submissions Received: 2571

Number Accepted: 36 (1.4%)

Number Declined: 2443  (95.0%)

Number Withdrawn By Author: 92 (3.6%)

Average Response Time: Four Days

Personal Responses: For most of 2012 my policy was to send personal responses to anyone who had subscribed to the magazine or purchased a sample copy, and form responses to everyone else. This kept things at a manageable level, and so I’ll be continuing this practice through 2013.

Lost Emails: It appears to be more common than I thought for emails to go astray. If you haven’t received a reply to a submission within a month, please do send a query, as an email will almost certainly have gotten lost somewhere along the line.

Summary: It’s encouraging to see such a stream of excellent writing from authors all over the world. I’m thrilled by the number of submissions that are targeted and personal, and humbled by the writers who have chosen to send their work.