News: Submissions Summary (2013)

Just as in previous years, I’ve added up the submissions received in the past twelve months and compiled the totals below along with a few interesting notes. You can also have a look at the summaries for 2012 and 2011 to see how they compare.

Total Number Of Submissions Received: 2100

Number Accepted: 39 (1.9%)

Number Declined: 1944 (92.5%)

Number Withdrawn By Author: 41 (2%)

Inline Resubmission Requests: 76 (3.6%)

Average Response Time: Fifteen Days

Supporters: This year about ten percent of submissions came from authors who had supported the magazine in some way – either by subscribing, donating or purchasing a sample copy. It’s great to see so many people taking an interest in Neon – and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to give some personal feedback to supporters.

Inline Resubmissions: Because of the way submissions are read, it’s very difficult to accomodate attachments. If a submission isn’t sent in the body of the email, it’s often the case that all I can do is return it to the author with a request to resend in the email body. It’s a lot of hassle, so please do take a quick look at the guidelines page before sending off your work.

Number Of Submissions: There’s been a slight drop in the number of submissions this year (2100, compared to over 2500 last year). This might be due to Duotrope becoming a paid service rather than a free one, meaning that fewer writers are able to discover Neon through it. However they find the magazine though, I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has sent in their work – the magazine wouldn’t be possible without them.