News: Submissions Summary (2014)

Ever since 2011 I’ve been keeping track of the number of submissions received each year. Here are the totals for last year, along with a few interesting notes. Have a look at the summaries for previous years (2011, 2012, 2013) to see how they compare. And if you’d like to send some work along this year, then just have a look at the guidelines for Neon or Battery Pack, both of which are currently open to submissions. I look forward to reading your work!

Total Number Of Submissions Received: 2276

Number Accepted: 30 (1.3%)

Number Declined: 2206 (96.9%)

Number Withdrawn By Author: 40 (1.8%)

Average Response Time: Twenty Days

Last year was a particularly busy one; in addition to reading for the magazine, I also accepted submissions for Battery Pack and for Neon‘s chapbook and pamphlet series. Each of these received around 400 submissions – an impressive number given that both projects were completely new. I’m still reading and responding to the last few chapbook and pamphlet submissions, but the window for those is now closed. However, I’ll be reading submissions for this year’s edition of Battery Pack until April 15th 2015.

Around 11% of submissions last year came from people who had supported the magazine – up 1% on last year. This may not seem like much, but having even one tenth of writers support the publication really helps keep it strong, and provides me with time and money with which to make Neon a place worth publishing in. Whether you subscribe, donate, or purchase a copy of the magazine, it makes a real difference – not least because some of the revenue from each subscription and donation goes directly towards paying the authors who I publish.

I was thrilled to receive several graphic short story and comic submissions in 2014. Although I haven’t found one that I want to publish yet, they’re a joy to read, and something I really want to include in a future edition of the magazine. If you’re an artist or visual storyteller, do send something along! When you do, by the way, please don’t forget to include your name. Just lately I’ve been receiving a lot of submissions without a cover letter, biography or indeed anything apart from a story or some poems pasted into the body of the email. Do say hello and tell me a bit about yourself when sending work.

Finally, I’d just like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to send something in. Although I can only use a tiny portion of the work that lands in my inbox, it’s great to be able to read such a diverse and wonderful range of writing. Without submitters the magazine simply wouldn’t exist, so please do keep on writing, and keep on sending out your work!