The Last Ballet Class

The Last Ballet Class

"The Last Ballet Class" by Francine Rubin

The Last Ballet Class by Francine Rubin imagines a series of apocalyptic ballet classes. Dancers leap and turn in zero gravity, or move in silence on the surface of Mars. They drift languidly at the bottom of the ocean, or move with desperate haste as the world is obliterated by atom bombs. This short collection of poems reads like a series of beautiful dreams.

This pamphlet was distributed for free along with issue forty of Neon Literary Magazine.

Growing up in New York, Francine Rubin trained at the School of American Ballet, occasionally performed as a freelance dancer, and taught ballet to children and adults for five years. She now works as the Director of Academic Support at Roxbury Community College in Massachusetts. Her chapbook, Geometries, is available from Finishing Line Press, and additional poems are forthcoming in Heron Tree, The Nassau Review, Pilgrimage Magazine, River River, and Thin Air Magazine. Online, she lives at

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