Would You Like Your Receipt

Would You Like Your Receipt

"Would You Like Your Receipt" by Jaclyn Weber

Would You Like Your Receipt? by Jaclyn Weber is a single poem printed in the form of a receipt from Barnes & Noble – the setting for a life-changing event for the narrator of the piece. As they ask in the first stanza, “Who would have thought a bookstore / would be my first lesson in groping?” This simple broadside is powerful, precise and moving.

This broadside was distributed for free along with issue forty-two of Neon Literary Magazine.

Jaclyn Weber is a recent graduate of Bradley University with a BS in English and Creative Writing. She has been published in Collision Literary Magazine, The Feminist Wire, NonBinary Review, Pentimento Magazine and Write Bloody Publishing. She has been featured performing her work at Peoria’s lively Whisper And Shout reading series. She won the 2013 and 2014 Academy Of American Poets Prize and the 2013 Civil Rights Poetry Competition at Bradley University.

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