2017 Chapbook (Digital)


A digital copy of the next chapbook project to be published by Neon Books in the second half of 2017. Delivered to your inbox as soon as it’s published.



Like to be surprised? This one’s for you. The title and author of our next chapbook project are yet to be revealed, but order now and you’ll receive a printed copy as soon as it’s available – a literary lucky dip! The expected date of publication is sometime within the second half of 2017. The chapbook will be a work of fiction or a collection of poetry by a single author, published in a variety of digital formats. Beyond that, we’ll keep the details secret for now!

If you think you’d rather purchase a print copy of our 2017 chapbook, you can do so right here. To be kept up to date as the project develops, just sign up to the mailing list or follow Neon Books on Facebook or Twitter.