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Fears For The Near Future (Print)


A print copy of Fears For The Near Future by CS Mierscheid delivered to your door wherever you happen to be in the world.


Historically, most phobias have developed from innate responses to danger in the natural environment… but what of those that have come about due to advances in human technology? With the advent of commercial aviation came aviphobia; radiophobia could not have been diagnosed before the manipulation of the atom. And now, as technology develops around us at an unprecedented, ever-accelerating rate… what new fears and phobias might come to govern our lives? This incisive monograph by esteemed academic CS Mierscheid examines the anxieties, aversions and syndromes of our present, and our near future.

Fears For The Near Future – including a free sample and a biography of the author – please see its dedicated home page. This chapbook is also available in a range of digital formats.