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The Naming Of Cancer (Print)


A print copy of the chapbook The Naming Of Cancer by Tracey S Rosenberg, delivered to your door wherever you happen to be in the world.



The Naming Of Cancer by Tracey S Rosenberg – published 27th November 2014 – is Neon‘s very first chapbook. This fourteen-poem volume begins in a hospital, and from there explores the experience of cancer from a multitude of perspectives, from the person struggling to survive the disease to the spouse pacing in the waiting room, the oncologist doubting their own ability to diagnose, and even the cancer cells themselves, mourning their host body even as they destroy it. The Naming Of Cancer is anything but an easy read, but is certainly a necessary one.

For more information about this book, including a free sample, please see its home page. The Naming Of Cancer is also available in a range of digital formats.