Neon Subscription (Digital)


A digital subscription to Neon Literary Magazine, with the first issue instantly downloadable in PDF, EPUB or MOBI formats.



This is a subscription to the digital edition of Neon Literary Magazine. For just £6 you’ll receive digital copies of the next three issues direct to your email inbox, in a variety of formats (PDF, EPUB and MOBI). That’s around two-hundred-and-ten pages of fiction, poetry, graphic storytelling and photography. We make our digital issues as clean and easy-to-access as possible so that you can enjoy the work of our brilliant authors without having to find any shelf space to store your copies.

When you purchase a digital subscription you will receive the current issue instantly, and the next two issues as soon as they are published. If you already have the current issue and would prefer to start with the next one, just get in touch at any time before or after ordering.

For anyone who prefers the weight and feel of a printed book, subscriptions are also available in ink and paper format.