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Alumni News: March 2016

It’s been over a year since I last caught up with past contributors to the magazine. In that time many of them have been busy publishing books, collections, stories and poems – sometimes in magazines, and sometimes on the walls of buses and trains! Quite […]

Alumni News: January 2015

It’s always a pleasure to hear about the successes and publications of writers who have appeared in the magazine. In the past I used to make an individual post for each item of news, but lately there’s been so much happening that I decided to […]

Interview: Alina Rios

We talk to Alina Rios – whose work appeared in issue 38 of Neon – about travel, the “you” in poetry, and Diana Wynne Jones. I notice that there is a “you” in each of your poems in issue 38. The “you”, of course, refers […]

News: Issue #38 Preview And New Format

For the past month I’ve been hard at work putting together issue 38 of Neon. This edition begins with a world in which everyone has been swallowed by whales, and ends with a recurring nightmare story about a kitten. In between there are desert islands, […]