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News: 2016 Best Small Fictions Nominations

Flash fiction is one of our favourite forms, and so it’s always a pleasure to see it recognised by the annual Best Small Fictions anthology. The anthology has, this year, been adopted by Braddock Avenue Books, and will be guest-edited by none other than Amy […]

Interview: Daniel Uncapher

We talk to Daniel Uncapher (whose story “Infestation Miracles” appeared in issue forty-one of Neon) about miracles, science, and beetle burgers. What constitutes a miracle in your opinion? And what inspired the connection between infestations and miracles? The interesting thing about miracles is how much […]

News: 2015 Best Small Fictions Nominations

Last year, Claire Joanne Huxham’s story “Correspondence” fromĀ  issue thirty-eight was selected for inclusion in the Queen’s Ferry Press anthology The Best Small Fictions. This year, I’ve nominated a selection of short works from the magazine once again. Here they all are. “Love Drug In […]