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Interview: Ed Cottrell

Interview: Ed Cottrell

We talk to Ed Cottrell (whose story appeared in issue forty-four) about parasites, horror, and how to pronounce the unpronounceable. The world is filled with interesting parasites. Did any in particular form part of your research or inspiration for “Catastrophe (Or Larva)”? There isn’t a […]

Literary Lists: Five Excellent Graphic Short Stories To Read This Month

A graphic short story can be a hard thing to quantify – it lingers somewhere between a comic strip and a graphic novel. They’re usually short enough to read in a single sitting, but often longer than just a couple of pages. Many also deal […]

News: Battery Pack II Submission Notes

Whilst reading my way through a huge pile of microfiction submissions for the upcoming edition of Battery Pack, I noticed a few trends in the stories in my inbox. Although I wasn’t able to provide feedback to everyone who sent in work, I thought it […]

Review: “Mercy And Other Stories” by Rebecca Lloyd

Publisher: Tartarus Press | Author: Rebecca Lloyd | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads There’s a definite theme to Mercy, Rebecca Lloyd’s first published short story collection. Not only are the sixteen strange tales all tied together by the presence of the […]