Tag: Issue #38

“The Death Of The Motherless Kitten” Available As A Single

Huang Kaishan’s haunting story “The Death Of The Motherless Kitten” first appeared in issue thirty-eight of Neon, all the way back in 2014. In that year, it was one of our Pushcart Prize nominations, and it remains free online for anyone to read. In it, […]

Interview: Sam Preminger

We talk to Sam Preminger – whose work appeared in issue 38 of Neon – about social media, titles and the process of writing. I thought that the titles of your poems in issue 38 were particularly excellent. How important do you think titles are? […]

Interview: Ian Mullins

We speak to Ian Mullins – whose work appeared in issue 38 – about Ramsey Campbell, being watched by CCTV, and life in Liverpool. There’s no shortage of stories currently in the news which might have inspired your poem “Under Surveillance”. Do you think we’re […]

News: Issue #38 Preview And New Format

For the past month I’ve been hard at work putting together issue 38 of Neon. This edition begins with a world in which everyone has been swallowed by whales, and ends with a recurring nightmare story about a kitten. In between there are desert islands, […]