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News: Issue Forty-Three Preview

Issue forty-three is due back from the printer any day now, and I’ve set the release date for Thursday 4th August. That gives you just under a month to pre-order a copy or sign up for a subscription and receive Neon for an entire year. […]

News: 2014 Forward Prize For Best Single Poem Nominations

I’ve now sent in Neon‘s four nominations for the Forward Arts Foundation‘s 2014 poetry prize. Each of the below have been entered into the Best Single Poem category – congratulations and best of luck to all of them. Click on the links to read the […]

Interview: Lynn Hoffman

We talk to Lynn Hoffman (whose work appeared in issue #34) about beer, anthropology and his writing. Your “Afterlives” series of poems continues the stories of well-known literary figures on after the conclusion of their book(s). I printed the Afterlives of Alexander Portnoy, James Bond, […]