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Review: “Post High School Reality Quest” by Meg Eden

Publisher: California Coldblood Books | Author: Meg Eden | More: Goodreads Meg Eden’s first novel, Post-High School Reality Quest, (due to be published next year by California Coldblood books) explores the engagement of science-fiction with technology, and blurs the lines of reality through the touching […]

Alumni News: March 2016

It’s been over a year since I last caught up with past contributors to the magazine. In that time many of them have been busy publishing books, collections, stories and poems – sometimes in magazines, and sometimes on the walls of buses and trains! Quite […]

News: Announcing Neon’s Second Chapbook

I’m excited to announce the title and author of the second chapbook in Neon‘s series of new publications. A Week With Beijing by Meg Eden is due to be published in January 2015, but you can already pre-order a print copy of the forthcoming chapbook […]

Review: “The Girl Who Came Back” by Meg Eden

Publisher: Red Bird Chapbooks | Author: Meg Eden | Buy: From Publisher | More: Interview There’s a great deal of evidence that, during the years in which it operated, the Enchanted Forest theme park in Maryland, USA was something particularly special. How many other defunct […]