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Review: “The Sea Wave” by Rolli

Review: “The Sea Wave” by Rolli

Author: Rolli | Publisher: Guernica Editions | Buy: Print / Digital | More: Goodreads Rolli’s novella-in-flash-fiction The Sea Wave begins with a curious dedication: “To anyone,” it reads, “who has ever drowned.” Odd, but eerily beautiful, I thought – and I was pleased to find […]

Review: “I Am Currently Working On A Novel” by Rolli

Publisher: Tightrope Books | Author: Rolli | Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | More: Goodreads Apart from anything else I was quickly hooked by the title of Rolli’s recent collection of short fiction I Am Currently Working On A Novel. The self-consciousness of it […]

Review: “God’s Autobio” by Rolli

God’s Autobio is an enigmatic collection of short stories, divided into three groups: “Impossible Fictions”, “Possible Fictions” and “Penny Fictions”. The first two are pretty much self-explanatory: some of the “Possible Fictions” aren’t really any more plausible than the “Impossible” ones, but plausibility in itself […]