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Interview: Richard Dent

Interview: Richard Dent

We talk to Richard Dent, author of the comic book series Myopia, about what it takes to write a successful graphic novel, and how it ties in with other types of writing. What is your writing background? Had you ever written a graphic novel or […]

Review: “Killing Time At Lightspeed” by Gritfish

Developer: Gritfish | Buy: Original Game / Enhanced Edition | More: Steam Facebook can be addictive. You log on to answer one message, and three hours later you’re several pages deep in a clickbait news site, or else have been lurking for updates on the […]

Interview: Mack W Mani

We talk to Mack W Mani (whose poems appeared in issue forty-two) about weird fiction, loneliness and the future. I loved the ideas behind your poems “Going Under”, “Heir” and “Belasis And Hastur”. From where did you get the inspiration for these pieces? “Going Under” […]

News: Battery Pack II Submission Notes

Whilst reading my way through a huge pile of microfiction submissions for the upcoming edition of Battery Pack, I noticed a few trends in the stories in my inbox. Although I wasn’t able to provide feedback to everyone who sent in work, I thought it […]

Interview: PK French

We talk to PK French (whose hybrid fiction-poetry appeared in issue forty of Neon) about drugs, love, and science-fiction. Your hybrid pieces in issue forty of Neon tell the story of a drug that can induce feelings of love. But what is love? Is the […]